About the Garden

The design of the Persian Garden, based on the right angle and geometrical proportions, is often divided into four sections, which are also reflected in Persian carpets. Historically, the Persian Garden used intelligent and innovative engineering solutions and a sophisticated water-management system.

In our garden, geometrical structure with water channels and basins demarcating the quarters, will facilitate the organic movement of visitors throughout the space.

Interconnected visual principles, including the hexagonal pool and the pavilion surrounded by both medicinal and ornamental plants, will create a space at once public and private, a safe environment in which to encounter strangers and friends, and participate in the cultural and community meetings which the garden will host.


  • Approximate size: 6,000-8,000 square feet
  • Tentative commencement: Spring 2022
  • Duration: 3-5 years; possibly permanent
  • Location: New York
  • Estimated starting budget: $250,000